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Wednesday April 27, 2005 // By Sarah

Our New Names

Sandy and I both got new names this week…


There is another Sandy in our building. And, of course, she is a she. We just got a summary of duties emailed to all of us by our condo board president and it says “Sandy” four times…but doesn’t identify which Sandy.

I suggested several ways to differentiate our Sandys.

1. Sandra vs. Sandor (full names—very classy)

2. Sandy B vs. Sandy W (simple, but soooo middle school)

And, the phenomenal:
3. Ms. Sandy vs. Mr. Sandy


Me and Mr. Sandy finally got our delivery coordinator (our new best friend, Jorge) to get his delivery guy to throw the newspaper on our back porch. This worked on Sunday…but on Monday he forgot. And then on Tuesday the paper was gone again.

So, I called Jorge.

Me: Hi! It’s [address].
Jorge: Hello, Mrs. Weisz!
Me: (giggling because, ohmygod did he just call me Mrs. Weisz?) Our paper is missing again!
Jorge: Oh no!

I love Jorge. He seems genuinely concerned about us.

So, today, we were happy to find our paper safe and sound on the back porch where it belongs. I called Jorge:

Me: Hi! It’s Mrs. Weisz! (wink at Sandy)
Jorge: Oh no.
Me: No! It’s good news!
Jorge: Thank god.
Mr. Sandy: Don’t call yourself Mrs. Weisz!

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