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Friday May 6, 2005 // By Sarah

Thank You For Enabling My Craft Addiction

I needed those lights. Burnt boyfriend or no burnt boyfriend, it was high time the back sunroom got lights. The fixture that came with the condo actually seemed to suck light out of the room when you turned it on. And while the sunroom is indeed sunny in the mornings, by mid-afternoon, it becomes quite gloomy.

I needed light in there because when I’m not here at the office compulsively checking email empowering youth, I’m totally into the crafts. I’ve got your ribbon drawer a la Martha Stewart. I’ve got your cutting mat and exacto knife. I’ve got your hole punch, and I’ve even got your grommets.

Then a few things conspired to make me even more eager to be able to use that room. Day or night.

1. I got a huge gift certificate to Paper Source for my birthday. Thanks, Mom & Dad!

2. I got a Xyron 510 for Hanukah. Thanks, Sandy!

3. I got a hot glue gun. Thanks, me!

4. I really wanted to make something nice for the little girl whose garden we dug up. Something that would say “We, the new neighbors, are kind and sweet and love children and flowers and would never ever do anything so cruel as to dig up a little girl’s garden unless we really, really, really had to. Please continue to like us!”

So, after frying Sandy’s fingers, I made her a little sign for her third of the garden. I used everything: both cartridges of the Xyron (adhesive and lamination), grommets, ribbon, and even some newly developed computer graphic design skills. And, to stabilize the whole affair, I used the hot glue gun.

Then, in an act of cosmic fairness, I totally burnt the shit out of my finger on the hot glue gun. That safety warning about how hot the nozzle gets? Totally right on.

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