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Thursday May 12, 2005 // By Sandy

Cats v. Dog

My mom wanted to bring over her dog Winnie on Sunday, so we thought it’d be a good opportunity to introduce her to the cats. Lucy has been around dogs before—once—and from what I hear, she loved them. This time, however, she remained unimpressed.

Are you my mother?

Winnie became nonplussed, and as an instinctual measure, attempted a old fashioned butt sniff to see what was up. Lucy wasn’t too keen on that idea.

What in Dog\'s name are you?

After this point, Lucy walked away. The whole encounter did nothing more than widen some eyes and fluff up some tails. Meanwhile, Clementine acted in her usual skittish way, and hid under the bed for the entire visit. Only well after the scent of canine had wafted away did she emerge again.

Posted by Ben HUh // May 13, 23:10
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