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Thursday May 26, 2005 // By Sarah

The packcats

If Sandy and I are packrats, then Lucy and Clementine are the packcats. They adore the wealth of stuff that seems to spill endlessly from our closets. They revel in it. If there’s a huge pile of laundry somewhere, Clementine is sleeping in it. If there’s a pile of newspapers on a table, there’s Lucy.

So, the kitties are in heaven this week, as Sandy and I are packing for an epic nine-person Memorial Day camping extravaganza in Door County.

Out came the tarp, the sleeping bags, the tent, the sleeping pads, the extra blanket, pillows, bags of food and kitchen stuff and games.

And right into the fray leapt our fearless heroines. They poked around for a few minutes, and then, with great sighs of delight, settled in.

Clementine found our red blanket quite appealing. Since it’s the same kind of fabric as her mom, I like to believe that she thought she’d found her auntie. They bonded.

Lucy, though, got the prize location. High above it all, nestled in the soft embraces of … a tarp? Yes. The tarp. She got on that thing at 8:00 last night and was still there at 7:00 this morning. She looooooves that tarp.

Can we take the kitties camping? Please?

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