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Tuesday May 31, 2005 // By Sandy

Love means not having to say, "Please shower"

Three nights of sharing a tent with someone is a healthy test of a relationship. For extra credit, do it without showering. Not that we ever doubted our skills in this area, but after our Memorial Day camping trip to Door County, we can now consider the test aced.

Earth, air, water and hotness

There were nine of us in our camping party. We arrived on Friday afternoon and left on Monday morning. Between those times, only two people resisted the city slicker allure of the warm shower—Sarah and myself. Showering while you’re camping is for girliemen (and -women). God didn’t give the woodlands an appealing, overpowering scent for nothing; she put it there to mask the musk. I got my cleaning done the old-fashioned way: almost-naked dips into the frigid bay waters. Just like my ancestors did, back in the old country.

So cold, so refreshing

There was no way one of us was going to shower while the other one didn’t. Only then would our relative f’nastiness show through. By that same point, I do apologize to all of our cleaner camping partners, whose showers only served to enhance the amount of Sarah’s and my funkitude. I hope that doesn’t prevent them from inviting us next time.

Base camp

All that having been said, the trip was a delight. If you get a chance to spend a weekend—or lifetime—in Door County, do it. Just invite me along. I promise to bring my deodorant.

(More pictures of the trip can be found in this Flickr photoset, which I’ll be adding to throughout the week.)

Posted by sarah // Jun 1, 15:26
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