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Thursday August 19, 2004 // By Sarah

Our List of Lists

The next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind of inventorying. We’ve both been living alone for four years, so between us we’ve got beds, blenders, and plates aplenty. We need to:

1. List all our furniture
2. List all our pots and pans
3. List all our dishes and cups
4. List all our small appliances
5. List all our art
6. List all the things we need to buy

We also need to develop a system of deciding whose stuff gets kept. Some things are obvious: Sandy’s big and beautiful Cuisinart wins against my tiny one, my silverware kicks his silverware’s ass.

But I have a feeling we’re going to discover attachments we never knew we had to all those things we keep around the house. With great trepidation, I must annouce that it’s time to add another list for each of us:

7. List of things you own that I secretly hate.

This is going to be interesting.

Posted by Sandy // Aug 19, 09:52
Posted by sarah // Aug 23, 11:25
Posted by Clementine // Aug 26, 23:00
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