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Wednesday June 8, 2005 // By Sandy

Garden updates #2 & #3

Our little experiment in gardening had been advancing at a steady pace for the first three weeks. Tomato plants blooming slowly but surely; the herbs springing back like prizefighters after each snipping. This is how it looked on May 27:

Garden on May 27
Garden on May 27

But then it apparently started to rain Miracle Gro. In the next nine days, behind the command of their fearless leader Commander Dill Tree, our army of plants mounted an assault upwards. For the first time, as seen from above, there appears to be more green than black. To be fair, many of these are weeds or leftover seeds from the original garden (from before we demolished a little girl’s dreams), but hey, green is green and I’m counting it in our success.

Garden on June 4
Garden on June 4

The tomato plant that\'s eating Manhattan
The tomato plant that's eating Manhattan

To really get a good perspective on how far its come, take a look at the first update, taken on May 5. It’s mind-blowing.

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