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Friday June 10, 2005 // By Sarah

Purge II: Electric Boogaloo

This weekend is our neighborhood’s annual garage sale extravaganza. Our building has two garages, and I think we’re going to need the space.

You may recall that when we moved in together, Sandy and I did an awful lot of purging, gave tons of shit away to friends and family, and donated massive amounts of the leftovers.

So, how is it that in preparation for this garage sale, we have still managed to amass five vases, two pitchers, and ten placemats. Also, four cookie sheets, a cutting board, a rice cooker, an easel, five wicker baskets, ten mugs, most of a knife set, three pillows, and a comforter. Not to mention four framed posters, three flower pots, two duffel bags, two containers of Costco couscous, a backpack, and two file cabinets. And the clothes! Oh, the clothes. Too small, too ugly, too something...there’s a whole bedful. Plus the books. Many, many books.

I really hope we use the money toward something really sleek and uncluttery. Watch the magic, folks, as this entire garage full of junk morphs into a really nice…lamp? coffee table? rug?

Posted by Sandy // Jun 10, 13:27
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