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Tuesday June 14, 2005 // By Sarah

Meet the patrons of our garage sale...

An elderly gentleman with freakishly large glasses wearing shorts and black socks pulled up to his knees, who came looking for “watches, razors, or shotglasses.”

An Eastern European gentleman who furnished his office with a briefcase, a file cabinet, an ID badge, and a Harvard baseball hat.

A woman who told me “solo tengo un dolar” to bargain me down on a fan, but who kept finding additional quarters and dimes and, once, a twenty to buy additional items.

A dumpy teenager who was so excited to get a pack of Magic cards for $1. “Do you have any idea how much these sell for in the store!?” he gasped. “Um, no,” I said, thinking, shit, maybe these are worth like $80 on Ebay. “Like four to six dollars!” He later informed me that there were “like two to three rares” in the deck. He was beside himself with glee.

His girlfriend, who had the gnarliest tooth situation I’ve ever seen, with almost no teeth in front and the rest jutting out the sides of her smile at very bizarre angles. She bought an electronic translator.

And last, but certainly not least, our adorable eleven-year-old neighbor who wandered around the garage picking things up and asking “how much does this cost?” over and over again. Except he didn’t have any money. Every couple hours we’d just give him something random, like five pairs of cardboard 3-D glasses.

Posted by Sandy // Jun 14, 13:37
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