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Tuesday June 21, 2005 // By Sandy

Season three: Spring '05

With summer finally, officially, irrevocably here, it’s time for another seasonal update…

As with the blossoming of flowers in our flowerbox and the sprouting of herbs in our garden, our house has been a flurry of activity this spring. Only the hint of warm weather was justification enough for rolling out the grill. It didn’t take us long after that to congregate our first grill-on-the-deck-themed party. The second congregation came soon after that, and the third and the fourth… the number will only grow as the temperature continues to rise.

With the chill lifted and the blankets tossed off, we creaked our joints back into working condition and made a few physical improvements. New lighting was installed, new art was collected, and a brand new fancy European desk was purchased from one of those scary suburban furniture outlets. The desk wasn’t meant to arrive until July, but because we eventually decided to change the desk from right-facing to left- (long story), we got it two months early. Somewhat naively, I thought the new desk would be such a joy to sit at that I’d be able to focus much better at the computer work I had. Naiveté or not, I was right on. I can’t be peeled away.

When not streaming onto our deck or through our windows, the sunshine shone generously on our new garden. A twelve-by-four-foot spot out back allowed us to graduate from containers to plot gardening, a venture which has succeeded well beyond we could imagine. The herb plots bore fruit, as it were, within weeks. We still await the maturing of our peppers and tomatoes, though judging by the aggresiveness of their growth, it’s going to be a hell of an urban harvest. I look forward to the first batch of the Titania Salsa, made entirely with homegrown ingredients.

Meanwhile, our picture wall has steadily grown. A new poker player here, a friend in from out of town there, and eventually we’ll need either to find new wall space or stop making new friends. I expect it’ll have to be the former, because we just can’t stop opening up our home to everyone we know. We constantly feel lucky to be here, and it’d be a shame to seal it all up for ourselves. (Note to burglers: please don’t take that as an open invitation to burgle.)

Spring also means cleaning. For us, that took the form of a massive purge of unwanted, unneeded and outgrown possessions—which coincided with our neighborhood’s annual garage sale. There’s something very pleasing about watching your stuff get dispersed into the homes of hundreds—a little bit of your taste getting injected into many others’. Meanwhile, you’re making a small contribution to the worthy ethic of 100% recycling. Win-win.

Already we’ve been camping twice this year, and summer only starts today. I see plenty more trips ahead—plenty more chances to test each other’s tolerance of days-old B.0. If not camping, then deck-side grilling, or lake-side picnicking, or road-side biking, or frankly, any chance we can get to soak up the sunshine. It’s that time of year, and as much as we love our home, it’ll be darn hard to keep ourselves inside it.

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