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Thursday June 23, 2005 // By Sarah

Summer Break

When I was a teacher, I must confess, I didn’t exactly looooove summer break the way I was supposed to. I reached the end of each year exhausted to the point of breaking, and then spent two months, well, alone. I didn’t have many teacher friends, and most people go to work during the days, so I was really kind of lonely and bummed out.

But now I’m in the middle of two glorious weeks of vacation between jobs, and I’m happily whiling away the hours all by myself.

Major differences:
1. Am no longer in the throes of horrible depression.
2. Have a really exciting job lined up that does not cause me to have nightmares and/or depression.
3. I now live in a house with TiVo and broadband internet.

Pretty much every day seems to be shaping up to be a happy mix of things I love: reading, bike riding, checking email, shopping, more shopping, some iChatting, and cooking (using fresh veggies from our organic farm CSA share).

I’m also trying to add a new routine into my days, exercise. To that end, I picked up a stability ball at Target today, and did the moves along with the super-scary calm lady on the free DVD. It was really pretty nice, for me and for Lucy, who was totally sure that I bought the ball in order to provide more angles from which she can lick me.

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