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Wednesday July 27, 2005 // By Sandy


The air was cool, in a cozy sort of way. It had rained much of the day, leaving the ground moist and pliable. As we walked up the hills of the farmland, we maneuvered around cowpies and the endposts of electric fences. When we reached the peak, we turned around and took it all in: the rolling hills of the Wisconsin countryside, the setting sun, the wispy remanants of the day’s rainclouds. It slowly began to get dark.

We must have sat there for ten minutes, maybe twenty. We said nothing, just held each other, watching the day turn into night. Thoughts started to race, about the perfection of the moment and the desire to hold on to it forever. Just like that, I realized there was something I wanted to say. A moment earlier it hadn’t been there, then suddenly, it was. It took all the courage I had to make the words appear.

“Let’s get married.”

Sarah turned to me, an expression of wonder and joy splashed across her face. In that moment, if there was the tiniest sliver of doubt left in mind, it was eviscerated. Any trepidation proved itself to be completely unwarranted. My future, in that moment, was as clear as ever: it’s going to be amazing.


“Yes. Marry me.”


The next minutes, hours, days have been wonderous. The love has been bursting from all sides. From each other, from friends and family, from the strangers we meet who sense the joy we feel. There are conversations that have been lying in wait inside us, waiting for this time, and it’s been such a thrill to be able to finally speak them. When we’re together, we can’t help but turn to each other every few minutes and smile and say, “Hello, fiancé.”

There are many stories to tell already, stories we want to write down before they fade, and we will. But for now, what I want to say is: I’m in love with the most brilliant, beautiful, and charming girl ever, and she’s agreed to marry me. Am I lucky or what?

The road ahead
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