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Monday August 8, 2005 // By Sandy

First Blogiversary

Happy birthday to us!

August 8, 2004: a signing of a piece of paper, and Sarah and I take our first step down the gilded lane of home co-ownership. To commemorate the event, we become co-owners of another, more virtual home: this blog. 365 days and 124 posts later, we’re still going strong.

I wasn’t sure, in the beginning, if we’d be able to bring ourselves to keep it going, much less have enough interesting things to talk about. Turns out that co-habitation provides ample fodder for journaling, albeit with varying levels of interestingness.

The intention all along hasn’t been just to offer friends and family progress reports on us, though that has been a nice result. I wanted to create a record of the first days of our living together, as a scrapbook to look back on. As those first days have progressed into months and now years, I hope we can keep this going in perpetuity, both for the benefit of our friends and the future versions of ourselves.

I find a sweet irony in applying the traditional notions of a first anniversary gift—paper—to a blog’s anniversary. It’s as if to say, “Great job on the electronic writing, folks. If it weren’t for those fancy computers, you’d be writing all this down on me.” You can all say a thanks that we’re not, as anyone who’s seen my handwriting will attest.

Here’s to another year of Making of a Home. (At least.) There’s plenty more home to be made.

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