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Saturday August 13, 2005 // By Sandy

My fiancée is spamming me

I get an email in my inbox. It appears to be spam, and I’m a hair’s breadth away from deleting it when I notice it’s from some wedding website. Surely there’s no way they’d know about my engagement, but perhaps it’s an announcement about some friend’s wedding or registry. It’s worth a look, though my pinkie remains delicately hovered over the delete key. It reads…

“Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Sarah thought it would be helpful for you to receive occasional emails with helpful planning tips that you’ll probably want to know.”

Oh, did she?

As if I’m not already ready to cower under the bed in a futile effort to hide from the ubiquitous Wedding Planning monster, apparently my fiancée thinks it’s a good idea to give my email address out to the very institutions with whom I would like to avoid associating on this endeavor. Is this a joke? Because if so, it’s a good one. Touché, my about-to-be-counter-spammed-into-oblivion darling.


Hmmm. Is it too early to be playing the Grumpelstiltskin? I may be projecting a bit here. I’m not really too overwhelmed with wedding planning, though it has come on a lot faster and harder than I expected. Discussions with friends who’ve already been through it all lead to the same realization: wedding planning is a major league clusterfuck. So while I’m not actually there yet, I’m gearing up for it. Who knows, it’s possible we’ll be able to churn all this friendly advice into a plan to avoid the usual pitfalls. And I suppose if there’s a website out there to help us out with that particular point, then I should suck it up and jump in the fray.

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