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Monday August 15, 2005 // By Sarah

Sarah Gets All Knitty on this Blog

I made my mom a sweater for her birthday! I must confess that said birthday was in May, and I only just gave her the sweater a few weeks ago, because I have a horrible habit of giving gifts ridiculously late. I have actually managed for three years to get Sandy his birthday and Hanukah presents more or less on time, but I can’t promise I can continue performing at that level until our Grocery Anniversary. I’m sorry, baby.

This sweater was the first sweater I’ve completed since my first wave of knitting, back in the late 1980s. During that era, I made turquoise sweater for my mom, along with a very confusingly patterned purple vest for a friend, and an extremely tight, poorly shaped vest for myself. (My stitch and bitch buddies will notice the vest theme…I recently had to give up a 4/5 completed cardigan because I ran out of yarn for the sleeves. Apparently, this is destiny).

Luckily my mom picked a pattern with very short cap sleeves. We went to Arcadia and wandered around for a while looking for the perfect yarn. The kind women there kept showing us possibilities and my mom would say “too subtle” or “not bold enough.” They were totally not ready for my mother over there.

But finally we found a yarn that caught her eye. It was called Eros Glitz. I’m not joking.

Knitters will appreciate the fact that I performed short row shaping at the bust (totally not that hard!) and bemoan with me the fact that I made it too short and had to take out the bottom row on both sides and knit down another couple inches.

Non-knitters: simply look upon my sweater and marvel.


Happy birthday, Mom!

Mom, Sweater, and Me.

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