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Tuesday August 16, 2005 // By Sandy

Wherein I destroy you with cuteness

I blame Star. There aren’t many ways to get me to particpate in an online war of kitten cuteness, but couch it in a battle of manly one-upmanship, and I’ll pull out the big guns. By which I mean:

Back when she was a teeny little thing

Just look at that punim.

As of this writing, Clementine is 47-18-7, an average of .653. That’s a record easily good enough for a division championship, and likely home field advantage. The only logical conclusion here: the Cubs need to hire more kittens. Clementine could be their captain, leading them in a distracting sideline dance of confusing acrobatic moves. She is named after a (one-time) Cubs player, after all.

As for the world domination in these online wars, she’s still got a ways to go to take down the behemoths. Vote for Clementine!

Posted by star // Aug 22, 12:44
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