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Friday September 2, 2005 // By Sarah

Garden Update #6: Tyveking the hell out the garden

There’s been a crisis in the condo, one that Sandy, as treasurer has had to do very treasurerly things to resolve, like collecting special assessments and writing checks.

The crisis is that the back of the building was done sort of crappily, and now some of the units on one side are having water damage from water dripping through the siding.

The solution involves using the word Tyvek as a verb, as in, “we’ve got to tyvek the back of the building,” or, “they’re going to be tyveking the whole right side.”

The tyveking seems to be going smoothly, although there’s a little problem. Note what’s behind the garden? That’s right: the un-tyveked siding. So there’s been a lot of tyvekers in and around the garden for the last few days.

The garden was already a little unsteady. Every week I find myself pulling out a garbage bag full of debris and excess leaves and branches, followed by an hour of tying the tomatoes to more stakes, each other, each other’s stakes. I kind of wanted to nail them to the wall, but I didn’t think that would go over.

Now, I don’t think there’s much I can do to get those puppies upright again. They are hanging over each other like sad sick people, leaning on the beans and herbs for support. And there they will stay, until tomato season is over, a cautionary image for me for next year.

I always like to believe that I’ll learn from my mistakes, and maybe having this published on the internet will help. Future me: Cage the tomatoes when they are still small, or they will KICK YOUR ASS.

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