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Monday September 19, 2005 // By Sandy

The Bizarro effect

Last night, one of Sarah’s many cousins was wed in an gala affair that can best be described as The Oppositest Wedding Possible. Black ties, shiny dresses, five-foot orchid centerpieces and ten-piece Contemporary Favorites cover bands are perfect for some folks, but I think we’ll be taking a different tack. We’ll probably also pass on the three-part officiating, highlighted by ten minutes of rabbinical intonation and a operatic performance by the cantor.

Weddings like this, let’s be honest, make me a bit anxious. But it’s a good experience, I guess, to be reminded of all those options which we’ve forgone. Keeps us honest with ourselves. And once in while, there’s the odd seed of a good idea from which can germinate something more our style.

For instance, I still haven’t decided about the manned mashed potato bar: over-the-top flashiness or sheer genius?

Posted by Jim // Sep 21, 14:17
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