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Wednesday September 21, 2005 // By Sandy

365 days later

Happy anniversary, us!

Hard to believe it’s been a year already. By which I mean, hard to believe it’s not been longer. The days of the both of us living in our own apartments, shuttling back and forth with bags of packed clothes, seem so long ago. It’s very comforting to look back upon the last year and think of the the ease with which we’ve both settled into this new phase of our lives.

It’s funny to think back at our nervousness about becoming first-time homebuyers. There was a constant fear, as there is with any new venture, that with one misstep, we’d bare ourselves as the greenhorns that we really were. Now, a year in, not only are we seasoned enough to be elected to positions on our condo board, but we’ve witnessed the turnover of three other units in our building. Within a month, we’ll go from the most junior tenants to the fifth most senior.

One-year anniversaries are symbolized by paper. To celebrate, tonight we’ll eat take-out (paper napkins), do a crossword (from the newspaper), and read our books (duh) before going to bed. No question, we’re settled down alright.

Posted by DCE // Sep 22, 16:31
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