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Thursday September 22, 2005 // By Sandy

Season four: Summer '05

And now we come full circle. A full year in this place. As mentioned earlier, this place feels more like home than we could have imagined. I remember a little over a year ago, when we were scoping out the place and putting our bid in, there was very little about this place that didn’t excite us. But the element that really tipped the scale was the gargantuan back porch, and the potential it offered during the warmer months. So it was with slight annoyance at Madame Fortune that we had to move in at the beginning of fall, and then wait three seasons to really give the porch its due.

So, now that we’re back at the Fall Equinox again, how did it fare?

First let me say that I have one regret: that we never bought that hammock I felt the deck so deserved. Many times did I slip out to the porch for some evening or weekend reading, and have to settle for a wooden chair instead of a comfy hammock. We’ll definitely remedy that by next summer. Other than that, though, the porch served our needs admirably. Several lazy Sunday afternoons found us hosting a gaggle of our friends up there, while a steady stream of grilled foodstuffs made their way from our grill up to the common deck. And then there were the times I’d come back from a run to find the building’s mothers hosting a mini pool party up there for their tykes. There’s nothing much sweeter to a dehydrated runner on a steamy summer day than the opportunity to jump into a pool, however many inches high it may be.

As predicted at the end of Spring, it was going to be a tough battle this summer between our love of home and desire to travel. The latter saw a lot of action, from Devil’s Lake and the Wormfarm in WI, to camping in the backyard of a friend’s downstate home, to the mini-vacation to the Pacific Northwest. By the end of the summer we were so travelled-out that we found ourselves turning down weekend trips we’d otherwise have jumped at, actions I’m sure we’ll regret by mid-winter. But at that point, staying at home and tending to our neglected home (and lonely cats) sounded more luxurious than anything.

Of course, the big news this summer, the news for which Summer ‘05 will be remembered in the record books, was The Engagement, or as it’s known in some parts, Sandy Wises Up Already. I’m pretty sure that’s going to end up being the dividing line of the first four years of our memories—things will have happened BTE, when life was normal, or ATE, when life was awesome, but tinged with the chaos of planning for a wedding. Already, two months into the ATE era, it’s hard to imagine a life that didn’t involve the daily discussion about wedding this and wedding that. And it’s still a year away yet. It’s going to be a busy fall.

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