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Wednesday October 5, 2005 // By Sarah

This one's juuuuuuuust right

We’ve been looking at places to have our wedding. We weren’t too picky…just wanted something rustic yet urban, spacious yet cozy, and indoor yet outdoor.

We found four out of six (rustic, spacious, cozy, indoor) in Grayslake, but the outdoor space was pretty barren and in a subdivision, and the suburbs make Sandy cry.

We found four out of six (urban, spacious, cozy, indoor) in the West Loop, but the lack of outdoor space was utter…not even a balcony.

And then.

We found it.

I don’t know how Promontory Point wasn’t at the top of our list, but apparently we were meant to wait, because when we finally saw it, we knew.

It’s got exposed stone walls and wood beam rafters, french doors that open onto a lakefront patio, and it’s in the middle of an enormous and beautiful park. Plus, Sandy will be able to take that mid-wedding swim he has been dreaming of.

And it’s not just in the city. Hell, it’s owned by the city and embroiled in controversy!

It’s perfect.

Admiring the view

Lakefront Patio

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