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Thursday October 13, 2005 // By Sarah

Apple Season

A few weeks ago, we went apple picking in Indiana with Luke. This is a not-quite-yearly tradition. By which I mean we’ve done it once before, two years ago.

Picking at County Line Orchard (Photo by Luke Seemann)
Photo by Luke Seemann

I must say that compared with the orchard we visited two years ago, I was a little disappointed. Where the first orchard was planted like a big park full of apple trees, this one was in straight rows. While at the first orchard we had to climb trees to find the best apples, this year’s had short trees with low branches drooping from their load of apples. This year’s orchard was also overrun with people, and featured a “general store” full of schlock and fudge, a haunted house, a corn “maize,” and who knows what else.

So, slightly shell-shocked from the Indian Summer temperatures, the Indiana humidity, and the bazillion screaming children, we headed home with lots and lots of apples which we have turned into lots and lots of apple crisps.

Now I will sing the praises of the apple peeler corer slicer. I got this baby from Sandy for my birthday last year (one of a long list of gifts that my mother was sure was going to be an engagement ring, or at least have an engagement ring hidden inside).

It peels. It cores. It slices.

With the apple peeler corer slicer, I can go from 0 to 6 apples peeled, cored, sliced, and chopped in like five minutes. You impale the apple on the scary pronged end, turn the crank a few times, and the apple emerges on the other end having shed its peel in a single yard-long ribbon and its flesh cut into a perfect apple-shaped coil that falls into 1/4” pieces with just a few cuts with a knife.

Mom, and others who are interested, the recipe is the second one down here. The key is the lemon zest. Also, make the topping first and then chill it while you do the apples. Mmmmmmm. Apples.

Posted by Adrienne // Oct 14, 17:34
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