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Tuesday October 18, 2005 // By Sandy

The nerd-love dilemma

Matt taps into something I’ve been not-so-secretly thinking about recently: a URL for the both of us. Eventually we’re going to want a website dedicated to the wedding, which will then morph into a one we use as a married couple, and then as a family. This domain,, was something I registered long before I knew Sarah, and really doesn’t fit as a handle for the both of us. We need something new, and I’m having a hard time figuring out what it should be.

A while ago Sarah and I got invited to a wedding, and the invitation came with a wedding URL listed on it. Sarah’d never seen this before. It was something beyond amusing to her, and she swore right then that she wouldn’t have anything so tacky for her own wedding. We were far from talking marriage at that point, so it would have been premature to say what I was thinking, which was “That’s what you think, Luddite.” Now I think she knows better to suggest something so silly. It isn’t a question of whether we’ll have a wedding website, but rather what it’ll be called.

I’d like to pick out a domain that can persist past the wedding and be used as a online hub for our family. That makes out of the question. is taken, as is — although, we’re not sure yet what Sarah will be doing w/r/t the last name, so it may be weird to use any Weisz-based domain. Any attempts at producing an amalgam of our last names results in mere jibberish. All Titania-based domains have been booked.

So, for the sake of our wedding guests, and the long-term respectability of our family, help us out. Got any suggestions?

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