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Tuesday October 25, 2005 // By Sarah

Uh Oh. The Boring, Literal Dreams are Starting.

So last night I had a wedding anxiety dream. It was our wedding day, and many people had gathered at what seemed to be a synagogue (we had forgotten to book the Promontory, apparently). Everything was in chaos. At one point the rabbi asked us if we had our Ketubah (marriage contract) and we realized we had never gotten one. He whipped a generic out of his pocket. We had also forgotten to write our vows (which isn’t technically a part of a Jewish wedding…but, hey, it was a dream) and had to ask to be excused so we could go into the hall and try to figure something out real quick. There were other problems, but those are the ones that I remember. I kept saying “how could we have forgotten all this?”

One of the ways I know I’m actually nervous about something is when I have a dream that is pretty much devoid of symbolism. No snakes or alien abductions. No dancing midgets speaking in strange voices.

No, when I’m actually nervous about something, I dream about that exact thing. When I was nervous about looking for a new apartment, I used to dream about…apartment hunting. Anxious about teaching? I dreamed about….teaching.

I have no reason to be nervous. Both Sandy and my mom are far more organized than I am. We have detailed lists and books with checklists. But some teeny part of my subconscious is raising the red flag. I think I’d better go look at some of those lists now.

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