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Thursday October 27, 2005 // By Sandy

Secret of my Sox-ess

It was appalled to discover, on the way to the Rocketship to watch game on Saturday night, that the socks on my feet were blue. It had been a busy day at home, with lots of walking around on the cold hardwood, so I slipped on some thick wool socks that just happened to be blue. I fully intented to switch them out for some white ones before the game, but plum forgot. I was embarrassed, for myself and my collossal lapse in judgement, further enhanced by the fact that I wear white sock every day of my life. It was as if I was intentionally trying to jinx the team.

Then, the Sox won. How curious, I thought. Could it be that the outcome of the game had nothing to do with my choice of footwear? On the phone with my old buddy Warner the next afternoon, I told him the whole story. He knew where I was coming from, and made it very clear of my forthcoming duty to abide the old saw: Don’t fuck with a good thing. Apparently, his logic went, it was my donning of a non-white sock that brought on their victory, and since it worked the first game, I’d need to continue the trend through the rest of the series.

Game two was taken in at our house Sunday, and sure enough, my fire engine-red socks brought on a beautiful 7-6 victory.

Game three was back at Stacey and Levi’s two days later. I had intended to go home and change before the game, but ended up not having time, so against my better judgement, I showed up with white socks on. Surely, I justified, the Sox won’t be able to pull of a sweep, and if there’s one game they’ll have to lose, it’ll be the one against Oswalt. Twelve innings later, with the game still tied up and the clock somehwere past midnight, Sarah and I gave up and headed home. It wasn’t until I washed up and got into bed—thus removing my white socks—did Blum connect for a home run and bring home the victory.

Game four was back at Titania, and by now I was feeling the pressure. The chance of a sweep, riding on my feet. No socks came close to me all night. It was a tense ride, but ultimately, things turned out just like I planned.

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