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Wednesday December 21, 2005 // By Sandy

Season five: Fall '05

We kicked off the fall with a great deal of wedding planning energy. Much of it got spent early on, thanks to the heavy decisions about venue, budget and guest lists. By the time we reached catering, we were much too spent to deal. A few phone calls were placed, but as soon as we saw the numbers coming back to us, we pushed the papers aside and resolved to concentrate on happier things. During one wedding conversation, we forced ourselves to stop talking about the weighty stuff and stick to fun things, like how many different ways we could embarrass our family members during the party, knowing how many times they’d try to embarrass us.

So yes, The Wedding was on our minds, but it didn’t consume us completely, thank god. We got to enjoy a new computer, though by “we,” I mean “me,” and by “enjoy” I actually mean “obssess over”. With new process power came new responsibilities, namely churning out numbers reports for my duties as condo board treasurer, and churning out web pages for the secret ILTB (in-law-to-be) web project. If there was a moment to spare, I was stationed in front of the new baby—in fact, I suspect this is what it’s like to actually have a new baby in the house, grabbing all the attention and preventing vital activities like sleep and a social life. It’s also possible that I have no idea how babies actually work.

With fall came the chill, which kiboshed my surprisingly successful summertime exercise regimen. Nowadays most of my exercise comes from the guffaws produced by Sarah’s morning workout routine, which involves a combination of inflatable ball moves and parroting the kickboxers on DVD. God bless her for finding a way to stay mobile in the winter. I shovel snow and pick at ice when I can, but it just doesn’t compare. I may have to succumb and join the g-y-m.

We’ve been cooking a lot. Jason and Karina gave us an unfailingly delicious book of Mexican recipes. Being so close to an independent Mexican grocery with an unbeatable selection of produce is proving to be not just handy, but essential. We haven’t lost a challenge yet: jicama, cayote, hepazote, masa harina… they’re all there. As if we weren’t blessed enough, all of a sudden HarvesTime breaks down the wall of their store and expands to three times the original size. I walked in one day last week and my head exploded. I feel like the follower of a team that, against all odds, beats all big names and wins the state championship. And hands out ripe cabbages to all the fans. Jewel, it’s been nice knowing you.

The winter solstice comes tied together with Sarah’s birthday, which is the 20th. We kept it mellow this year, with a nice dinner out and a movie about gay cowboy love. With my birthday a month earlier, we’re both now at the ages we’ll be when we marry next fall. A small milestone, but there it is. Now we dig in and make this thing happen.

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