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Thursday January 19, 2006 // By Sandy

Saddle, meet butt

I recently got another email from that wedding website last week. Against better judgement I opened it, and stared agape at its first line: “There are only 34 weeks left until your wedding!” As if I didn’t have enough wedding anxiety without it being quantified for me. Thirty four weeks has never seemed so short.

Wedding planning has been in a lull for a couple months now, ever since we moved onto booking the caterer. Caterers, it turns out, are mind-numbingly expensive. Every request for a catering proposal has been met with a cost estimate well beyond what we conceived as possible. Some are so high we’ve considered ditching the idea of catering and just cooking all the food ourselves the week before. After receiving a number of these, we were left kind of drained and decided to just enjoy the holidays and stop thinking about wedding stuff for a while.

This past weekend we figured it was time to get back on the horse. It was clear from our dallying that we’d need invoke a project management mindset. First step: establish milestones. So, on Sunday afternoon we began to scope out the next eight months of our lives. A first brainstorming session came up with at least thirty major decisions, each of which had to be broken up into five to ten concrete steps. On first pass, we scheduled the most pressing half-dozen of these decisions.

The result is a week-by-week forecast of our lives for the coming months. It seems nerdy, but now that it’s all written down and scheduled, I don’t see how we could get it done otherwise. The last thing I want to do is forget things or put them off and end up with an August and September so stressful that I end up looking toward the wedding with impeding consternation. Let’s get the heavy lifting out of the way early, so we can really enjoy the wedding as its supposed to be enjoyed, as a celebration and a party.

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