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Monday February 6, 2006 // By Sandy

This is the way we roll

There’s a determination in the way we travel that’s sorely missing from the rest of our lives. With forty-eight hours to kill in New York City last week, we achieved more in the name of sightseeing than we’ve ever done in a month in Chicago. I know this isn’t abnormal—this is why people travel to the big city, after all—but for us it takes on a manic quality.

By way of example, here’s the tally sheet of our activities from 13:00 Thursday to 13:00 Saturday: Lunch at Shopsin’s in Greenwich village; a walk through Washington Square park to visit the chess players and dog park; a NYU library exhibit on Ben Franklin; the breathtaking Chip Kidd retrospective at Cooper Union; Scrabble at Mud coffeeshop; Dinner at ‘ino; Doubt on Broadway; backgammon and tea at a Park Slope cafe; lox breakfast at a local bagel shop; Sculpture Museum in Queens; PS1 in Queens; Lunch at New Green Bo in Chinatown; a walk around the Staten Island Ferry terminal; Scrabble in Battery Park; the Pixar exhibit at MoMA; a visit to the 826NYC Superhero Supply Store; brunch at Dizzie’s in Brooklyn.

Each night we’d return to our friends’ house and collapse. The conversation would go something like this:

“That was a good day.”
“I’m tired.”
“But good tired, right?”
“Yeah. And my legs are pretty sore.”
“But the good kind of sore, right?”
“Uh, sure.”

Last time we visited New York, we made a bet about whether Sarah would see someone she knew before I saw someone famous. The loser had to talk in an Australian accent for an hour. (I won.) It’s too bad we didn’t reprise the bet, because I would have won again. On our way out of Shopsin’s, we saw none other than Calvin Trillin—Mr. Shopsin’s himself—having what I assume must be his daily lunch there. I only wish I was either more outgoing or less polite, because I couldn’t even muster up a fanboy hello.

One of these days I think we’re both going to have to take the day off and explore Chicago like we’re a couple of crazy tourists. I know our city can hold its own against New York or any other vacation destination. I hate to think we’re letting all this culture pass us by simply because we’re too busy going about our daily, heavily scripted lives.

Posted by Jim // Feb 8, 13:38
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