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Saturday February 18, 2006 // By Sarah

[The Wedding] Upcoming Milestones

Remember a few weeks ago, when saddle met butt? And how Stacey asked if we were using Basecamp? And how we were like, “ha ha, not yet!”

Well, the future is now.

That’s right. We are now officially using project management software for our wedding. I now get automated emails like this:

SUBJECT: [The Wedding] A milestone has been assigned to you
MESSAGE: You have just been assigned a milestone by Sandor Weisz. Call XYZ Caterers. Due date: Feb. 16, 2006.

I never thought I would say this, but I totally love it! Project management software is exactly what this wedding needs.

The truth is, I’m incredibly disorganized about deadlines. I don’t keep a single calendar very consistently, and I’m constantly asking Sandy if we have plans on Saturday because I never remember.

So bring it on, software geeks. I’m totally hip to your lingo. Next week, we start working collaboratively on our ketubah using a writeboard.

Posted by Jason // Feb 18, 17:55
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