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Wednesday March 8, 2006 // By Sandy

Slaves to the pun

Another year, another Oscarlicious. Every year we host the Oscars, and every year we spend a couple weeks coming up with the best possible nominated-movie-themed food we can think of—and we can realistically make. Take Capote. Initially, we had In Cold Blood Pudding on the list, until we discovered that the main ingredient in that dish is—surprise—actual blood. We also considered Haggis (as in nominated director Paul), but again we let good taste intervene. Apparently, Vince made it as a surprise, but was so horrified by what he’d wrought that he let it vanish down the toilet instead of subjecting it to our party guests. God help the sewage workers that encounter that.

The following is a complete list of what we served, along with the movie they represented. Note that the quality of the movie had little relation to the quality of the food (or the pun).

Savory dishes

  • Shepards pie – Brokeback Mountain
  • Sesame noodles (a dish best served cold) – Munich
  • Hummus – Syriana
  • Savory Cheesecake – Mrs. Henderson Presents
  • Calamari salad – The Squid & The Whale
  • Fried plantains – King Kong
  • Cheese – Dukes of Hazzard

Sweet dishes

  • Black-and-white Multi-racial cookies – Crash
  • Blondies with nuts – Transamerica
  • Chewy Wookie cookies – Star Wars III
  • Popcorn balls – Murderball
  • Reese’s Pieces – Walk the Line
  • Tsotsi Rolls – Tsotsi
  • Gummi bears – Grizzly Man
  • Chocolate candy – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory


  • Cup o’ tea – Capote

A few guests brought treats of their own, including:

  • Johanna her amazing Jell-O pie (carved in the shape of the CBS eye), for Good Night and Good Luck.
  • My mom and her massive basket of Chocolate Cow Chips (cookies), for Brokeback Mountain.

But by far the most brilliant dish at our event was Christine’s contribution, captured on camera by Luke here:

Christine and her brilliant creation
Christine and her brilliant creation

She made a March of the Penguins! Out of olives! And cream cheese and carrots! My mind is exploding just remembering this. Bravo, Christine.

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