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Friday March 10, 2006 // By Sarah

Pop Quiz

Your boyfriend is going to a big conference in Texas. He asks you to cut his hair so he looks extra spiffy.

When you pick up the electric shaver, do you,
a) Check to see if the guard is on
b) Not notice whether or not the guard is on

When you turn on the shaver, do you,
a) Take one last look to make sure the guard is on safely
b) Just go on ahead

When you touch the shaver to his head, do you
a) Go slow in case, for instance, the guard isn’t on
b) Shave a big ol’ swath of bald right in the back of his head.

* * *

I bet everyone passed the quiz! Except me! Living proof SAT scores are not an indicator of any kind of aptitude at key life skills!

Not for the faint of heart.
Not for the faint of heart.

Sandy, who was ever so kind and patient with me even though he had to travel to Texas looking like an electroshock therapy survivor, and deserves some type of prize for not completely losing his shit, writes:

My hair is doing much better. The nice lady at the barber shop minimized the damage with some deft snipping and styling. I was a very nervous customer, but she dealt with me well. It’s really short now – she had to even out the buzzed off part and thin out some of the rest – but it looks good.

Oh thank god.

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