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Monday March 20, 2006 // By Sandy

Season six: Winter '06

Wedding wedding wedding. It’s what consumes us these days. We started out this season with a kind of casual attitude about the planning, taking some time off to concentrate on the holidays and relaxing. As the weeks went on, the planning ramped up—actually becoming a project, with deadlines and to-do lists and everything. Back when we got engaged, we scheduled the wedding for 14 months out not because we felt we needed the time to plan a humongous fete, but because we wanted to relax for a while and enjoy fiance-hood before diving into the whole wedding thing. Ha. Things just don’t work that way.

Looking back over the winter archives, it appears our posting rate has dropped off, especially if you don’t count the three posts that are just contributions to the latest meme thread. We had things to say, but our minds were elsewhere. I was busy with my latest freelance gig: developing the website of certain superstar storyteller. When I wasn’t doing that, I was working another freelance project, one that’ll remain secret for now (hint: my payment will be printed, then framed). Meanwhile, Sarah spent her winter months watching the stress-o-meter tick ever higher as the big launch event for her project at work inched ever closer. I did my best to keep her grounded, as she coddled and caressed her baby into a perfect launch. NASA could learn a thing a two.

Early in the winter we learned the details of how the CTA restructuring would affect our daily commute. The hammer came down about a month ago, and really it’s been no big deal. The slight bit of extra exercise has been nice, as the new scenery. The longer walk = an earlier departure time = an earlier alarm = groggier mornings, but we’ll manage. Not so nice is the coffee shop next to the Francisco L blasting Eric and Kathy every morning. Is it just me or have those two never aged? Affable or no, I prefer not to spend time listening to the undead.

Then there was that small trip to Austin. Last week I left home for five days for the ultimate in geekgasms, South by Southwest. This isn’t a technology blog, nor is it a scotch-on-the-rocks blog, so I won’t spend too much time talking about the details of the conference, except to say there may be no one I’d rather spend five waking days with than Sarah, but a convention center full of website superheroes sure comes close.

There was actually a panel at SXSW this year that was directly applicable to this blog, called Bloggers in Love. Discussion centered on the unique concerns you have when both you and your partner wear your emotions on your website. I can’t say there was anything revelatory, but it was nice to be in a crowd of people who share your motivation for putting the personal—and sometimes intimate—on such a public forum. Sure, we do it for our friends and each other, but I think more truthfully we do it for ourselves—our future selves—and the need to retain the memories we’d otherwise lose along the way.

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