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Wednesday April 5, 2006 // By Sarah

Wedding Dress Shopping II: Always a bridesmaid, even when I'm a Bride

Early on in my thinking about wedding dresses, I picked up the idea that I could get a bridesmaid’s dress in ivory instead of a “wedding dress.” This appealed to me: more non-floor-length choices, kickier styles, and often cheap. I read some warnings online about this strategy. One bride-to-be online said that when she told the bridal store that the bridesmaid’s dress was for her, they plunked a $200 surcharge on the thing. She recommended lying to the store about your intentions. And Vera Wang, it would seem, sometimes refuses to even make a single ivory bridesmaid’s dress—no sly bride can sneak in on the cheap over there.

I am incredibly unable to lie effectively or try to convince people to make special deals for me, so I knew I’d have to go to a place that had no problem with this whole bride vs. bridesmaid situation. So, I did a lot of research, looked at a whole bunch of options, and decided to start with Thread. I left a message, explaining my situation, and asked if I could make an appointment. A nice lady called back, didn’t bat a figurative eyelash, and scheduled me right in.

When I arrived Nice Thread Lady was chatting with my mom, who was giving her the lowdown on my wedding and general style. NTL seemed totally excited about our whole casual wedding vibe, thought I’d look cute in a short dress, and instantly pulled out ten dresses from the sea of samples. The most amazing magical skill of the NTL? Zippers. She got me into dresses that, seriously, didn’t fit. And yet, with her magical touch, they found an extra inch for me. Awwww.

The very first dress I tried on, the one I had liked best on the site, was totally awesome. Really adorable in a bizarre combo of a 1950s garden party dress with a grecian flowing robe.

Tonight, we’ll see if Sandy likes it too. And then perhaps we can cross [The Wedding] Milestone: Choose Dress off the list.

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