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Sunday April 30, 2006 // By Sarah

Sarah makes a passive-agressive online plea for our readers to talk some sense into Sandy regarding our lovely new antique oak coat rack.

Sandy is the master of the spatial. He can fit more items in a moving truck than anyone else. He can find ways to arrange the cabinets so they are like an interlocking puzzle of containers. He would like very much to reorganize our bookshelves based solely on size of book, so there is no empty space unaccounted for.

I don’t share this talent, or the associated compulsion. This occasionally leads to tension.

So right now we’re feuding over a new item of furniture. Sandy’s cousins have given us a lovely antique coat rack. I think it should go in the front hall where it can be shown off to its best advantage. But we have this table in the front hall, and it exactly fits the space between the door and the corner. In Sandy’s mind, removing a useful piece of furniture that exactly fits into an alcove in your house is a serious spatial betrayal. He just can’t handle it.

The controversial rack
The controversial rack

So, we’re at a standstill, and the coat rack is in the living room, a place we both agree it doesn’t belong. As Sandy just said to me in a serious and concerned tone, as I told him I was posting about this, “this is a story without an end.”

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