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Tuesday June 13, 2006 // By Sandy

A loaf of bread, a quart of milk and a stick of butter

My morning checklist had the following items on it: jog, visit the farmers’ market, shop at the grocery. Was there a way to combine these into one super-efficient trip? Jogging would have to go first, though the image of me running through the park with ten pounds of groceries swinging back and forth would surely freak out the neighbors. The farmers’ market was farthest away, so that’d be second, and I’d hit the grocery on the way back. The trick would be stuffing the necessary tools—one key; my shopping list, written in the smallest possible font on 3”x3” stickie; four ten-dollar bills—into the tiny inside pocket of my running shorts.

There was something sweetly old-world about the whole scene. Walking out of the house with just enough to get the food I need for the next two nights’ dinner, and returning with an armful of bags. The grocery store stop was particularly fun; I had to pick out the groceries in order of urgency, while keeping a running total in my head to make sure I had enough cash to make it out of there. When she finally rang me up, I had a couple bucks leftover. I’ve never been so thrilled to be able to buy a mango.

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