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Wednesday June 21, 2006 // By Sandy

Season seven: Spring '06

I’m dubbing Spring the season of the checkmark. We wielded it with abandon over these last three months, marking off tasks after tasks on our wedding checklist. Included in the slaughter: buying a dress, printing and mailing our save the date cards, registering, nailing down plans for the Friday and Saturday night activities, designing the invitations, and fleshing out our website. It feels good to see things forming into shape, yet I still get a little shock everytime I go to and see the number of days to go (82!) listed at the top of the page. The exception to all this productivity is the whole tent thing, which is not even close to being resolved. The runaround that we’ve gotten from the jokers at Chicago Party Rental could give the Road Runner whiplash.

Say, whatever happened to that amazing coat rack? Even after Sarah’s impassioned plea for support for her decorating plan, and even witih lots of reader support behind her, I still wasn’t convinced that it belonged in our hallway. A front hallway, yes, just not our particular one. Eventually, after a evening tryout period, we had our come-to-Jesus meeting. It was clear that no matter how much Sarah tried to justify it, I just wasn’t fond of the way it fit into our home. I could pretend, but she’d know underneath that docile exterior was a man who yearned for the table of yore. Upshot: the rack now sits in our guest room, awaiting a pickup from our cousins, who’ll be taking it on to the next recipient on the list.

From uneasy beginnings have risen quite a beautiful crop of plants and herbs in our mini-garden. Even the stuff we raised from seed—marigolds, basil and mint—have blossomed to varying levels of success. I’ll leave the details to Sarah, who owes us all a garden update, but I will say that having the bottomless pit of dill and parsley that we do has made cooking that much more satisfying. Together with the first week’s farm share, we’re close to making dinners composed entirely of home-grown or locally-grown ingredients.

The big news, of course, was that I quit my job. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that unemployment is nothing like I expected. As the job waned down and D-day approached, I started a list of activity ideas for what I imagined would be my copious free time. News flash: Days go by a lot faster when you’re not at work. Also, procrastination is so much more painful, since ultimately you’re only cheating yourself. At least these are the demons I fight with. The good news is that I’m getting lots of stuff done, and at the same time learning how to just … relax. I’ve even tried some yoga.

Meanwhile, Sarah is finding it hard to concentrate at her job when she knows I’m sitting at home watching World Cup. But deep down she knows somebody has to bring home the bacon, and for now, it’s gotta be her. Someday the tables will switch, and she’ll be able to watch all the soccer, or Teletubbies, that she wants.

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