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Sunday July 2, 2006 // By Sandy


We got a big boost of energy this week when we picked up our finished wedding invitations. They look amazing. I continue to scrutinize every word, looking for that one typo that managed to slip through, but each time I come up empty. They really are a perfect manifestation of what we envisioned when we first laid down plans for these invites. It’s an amazing feeling to finally see them in physical form. It reminds me of working at The Daily, when the long hours and sleepless nights were always redeemed by waking up the next morning and being able to hold the fruit of your labors in your hand. You miss that in web design.

The biggest kudos go to the enormously gifted Stacey Stern, who helped design the invites and did all the ordering and printing. If you’re thinking of doing any kind of letterpress work, call her up. We were really lucky to find her.

A sneak peek
A sneak peek

Okay, I lied a little bit. There was one small oops. It was an oversight that would have been easy to catch had we thought to do a few second’s research: the response postcard is a half-inch shy of the post office’s requirements. According to the USPS’ website, all postcards have to be at least five inches in width; ours are four and a half. With the printing all done, no one wanted to have to go back and redesign and recut and reprint 125 invitations. But would we be okay? Regulations are regulations, aren’t they?

The short answer is: fifteen cents says they’re not. After a morning visit to the hellish pit of despair that is the post office—their motto should be “From gruntled to disgruntled in 60 seconds or less”—Internet searching, phone calls and general worrying and risk-calculating, majority opinion said that if we treat the cards like first-class postage, most postal carriers and sorters will forgive us, and the cards will get on their way. Those that don’t pass the muster, as we understand it, will go back to the return address, which for these cards will belong to my mom. At least that’s what we’re choosing to believe. Straight answers were hard to come by.

I’m putting my faith in this plan thanks mainly to two factors: a) our own mailman, who’s got a style of mail delivery that could best be described as unflappable, assured me that he delivers cards smaller than that all the time and b) the test card we sent out a couple days ago arrived on time and unscathed. So we cross our fingers and move on.

Physical cards, letters and invitations are dying species. But because they’re so rare, there’s an extra thrill when you open your mailbox to find one. That’s why we don’t mind spending a lot of time on it and our other printed pieces. It’s one of the most direct ways to imprint our style on the wedding. We love going crazy with it.

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