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Friday August 27, 2004 // By Sarah


I think it’s time to introduce Lucy and Clementine.

Lucy, mid-rassle

Lucy: At five years of age, Lucy is the grande dame of chez Sarah. I have somehow gotten the impression that she is a pedigreed Turkish Van. Except, apparently, lazier. Her interests include sleeping, licking my face, and grabbing my hands with her paws and applying them to her head. Lucy keeps Clementine in line with her motherly way of batting her to the ground and licking the hell out of her.

Clementine, typically confused and paranoid

Clementine: At just one year of age, Clementine is the wild youth of the house. Rescued from a box full of kittens at the local corner store, Clementine won Sandy’s heart for cat-kind with her hilarious antics, including climbing up his body from floor to shoulder like he was a mountain and she was an andean mountain cat. She will chase just about anything, but is prone to forgetting what she was chasing and winding up lying flat on her back on the floor with her legs in the air, looking around in contented confusion.

The kitties are going to be delighted with their new home. I have visions of Lucy napping in the fake fireplace and on the windowsills and in the guest bedroom and on the countertop. Clementine will slide headlong down the long hall in pursuit of a rubber band, and end up on her butt in the sunroom, wondering how she got so lucky just before she falls asleep with her belly exposed to the world.

Kitties in looooove

I fear the moving experience, though, as both cats have a boundless fascination for climbing inside boxes and luggage, and I am pretty sure one of them is going to up and get packed.

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