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Tuesday August 8, 2006 // By Sandy

Second Blogiversary

Two years it’s been since we signed on the line for this loveable debt-heap we call Titania. So many new experiences started with that act, it was unclear how any of them would fare as we settled into our new roles as homeowners and roommates. We were silly enough to add a blog onto that pile, as if we didn’t have enough nonsense in our life. I guess we were trying to find a way to pass the nonesense on to you.

We’re surprised as anyone that it’s lasted this long. Its content has not been as fresh or interesting as we’d like at times, but then neither has our lives. Not that I’m complaining; I can be a fool for a foolish consistancy sometimes.

At the risk of spending too much time engrossed in mindless navel-gazing, here are some relevant ways to apply the traditional two-year anniversary material, cotton, to a blog birthday gift:

  • A shirt for me for the wedding. Sarah’s got her wardrobe all picked out, but I’m still struggling in a search for mine. Got ideas? Other acceptible fabrics would include wool, polyester or some kind of blend.
  • A huppah. How great it would be to announce a the wedding that our huppah roof was a gift from all our loyal readers.
  • A backdrop for a more appropriate wedding announcement photo.
  • More lucky socks.
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