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Friday August 18, 2006 // By Sandy

King of all Tribune Media

Quick on the heels of our spot in the Trib, last night we invaded another space of the Tribune media realm: CLTV. In a feature on Tagine, a Moroccan restaurant near our home, both my mom and I were featured prominently, playing the roles of Fawing Customer #1 and Fawning Customer #2. I guess we exhibited a level of banality slightly more enlightening than your average customer. Plus, I was wearing a really obnoxious shirt.

As Mom looks poised and well-spoken, I consider eating the camera.
As Mom looks poised and well-spoken, I consider eating the camera.

You can watch the whole clip on CLTV’s site. Click the link labeled “Tagine.”

I’m kind of surprised the reporter—fellow NU alum Jackie Tranchida—used my stuff at all. When she first walked up to us and introduced herself as a correspondent for a TV show, I exhibited nervousness on being filmed. When she said she was from Metromix on CLTV, I breathed an audible sigh of relief and said something to Sarah like, “It’s okay, no one watches CLTV.” From behind the camera came: “I heard that.”

She still interviewed me, despite a) my clearly being an asshole and b) my not knowing jack about Moroccan food other than it tastes good. I bumbled my way through the interview and apparently said something worth repeating. It’s really hard to concentrate with those lights bearing down on you. Reason #371 why I’ll never run for public office.

Sadly, Sarah’s lines didn’t make the cut. See how well-spoken she looks?

Sarah in the spotlight

Next up: Sandy gets hired by the Cubs.

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