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Saturday September 9, 2006 // By Sandy

Last night

Right now Sarah’s in bed, falling asleep for the last time as a bachelorette. Soon I’ll crawl into bed next to her. That this goes against the commonest of wedding conventions should come as no surprise. It’s the latest in a long line of choices to do things our own way.

Which is not to say we’ve flouted every tradition. It’s just to say we’ve deliberated over every one, and decided which ones are the most meaningful to us. The result of which is a feeling of complete serenity about the day. Thoughts of tomorrow bring no tremblings of anxiety, nervousness or sweaty-browed fever. I’m just happy. It really feels like all those months of preparation were worth every single moment.

Today we saw all our friends who’ve flown in from out of town to celebrate our wedding with us. My mom threw a fanatastic shindig at our home, complete with catered food, waitstaff and a surprise musician. Every time I’d turn around a new face would be there to greet and hug me, and I gotta say, it was one of the best afternoons I’ve had as an adult. We’ve always felt this wedding has been about more than just the joining of the two of us—it’s about joining our circles of friends, and our families, and ourselves to the communities we’re a part of. Today was a great reminder of that, and by all expectations, tomorrow will be even better.

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