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Friday October 13, 2006 // By Sarah

Time Capsule - One Month

At our wedding, instead of a guest book, we asked our guests to write us a note and drop it in a time capsule box to be opened in one month, one year, five years, or twenty years. The boxes, handmade by friends at our craft party, are beautiful and unique and we’ve been looking forward to featuring each successive one on the shelf in our sunroom. (Of course, the last one’s going to get 15 years on the shelf and the first one only got four weeks. Oh well.)

From left: Stacey's, Matthew's, Gus' & Jill's creations
From left: Stacey's, Matthew's, Gus' & Jill's creations

We printed up slips with titles like “give us some advice,” “write a memory from the wedding, “ “write a prediction about the future,” and “make a wish for us,” as well as some blank ones, and left the slips and the boxes out on a table at the wedding.

On Tuesday, we opened the One Month box. It was awesome.

Month-old memories
Month-old memories

Some of them were really sweet.

  • Some friends of my parents wrote, “Your wedding was beautiful, a reminder to us old folks of what  marriage is about. You’ve both made great starts in life. I look  forward to your enriching the world as much as your parents have.”
  • Levi reminisced, “The first time I saw  you two talking @ Bob’s party, I thought, ‘I hope this girl’s not  dating anyone, because this looks so right.’”
  • Ted made this extremely accurate prediction of something we do pretty much every day: “You will be looking at the other, and suddenly you will realize: ‘I  totally married this person!’ You’ll be okay with this.”
  • Advice from the Oppenheimer Odoms: “A month. That was quick. Now, take a break from reading all of these,  find that CD that has your wedding song on it, and disappear with  each other for a while.”

And then there were the really clever ones.

  • Conrad’s read, “They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step…” and features part of a map on the back. So, in a year, we’ll have another part of the map, another part in five years, and the last part in twenty years. Conrad, this map better lead us somewhere awesome, or we’re going to track you down and beat you with our canes.
  • There was one that said, “Wow! Didn’t the Rabbi do a great job?” Signed, the Rabbi.
  • Wade made a good guess, and asked, “Why haven’t you called us?” Also making a good guess was Sandy’s brother Max, who wrote “Finish the thank you cards already.” We have no excuse on either count.
  • The prize in this category goes to our photographer, who slipped in a note saying simply, “No, the film is not yet ready.”

And then, there was the obvious one. The theme that occupied approximately one out of every eight notes in the box: the baby notes.

  • These ranged from the slightly oblique, like Donna’s advice to “find a stroller you can open & close with one hand.”
  • ... to the somewhat strange, such as the one written on a slip entitled “Memories of the Wedding” that said, “Sarah Weisz is PREGNANT!” (For the record, despite this picture, I was not.)
  • Julie’s baby had a request: “Sarah, Are you knocked up yet??? I want a friend!”

But the awesomest note of all, the note that truly used the nature of the time capsule to its best advantage, was from our friends Mike and Michelle, who wrote:

(And no, we’re not knocked up yet. We’ll let you know.)

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