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Thursday October 19, 2006 // By Sandy

Ballads for the bride and groom

In the same conversation that I told my dad I’d gotten engaged, I said he only had to do one thing for the wedding: write a song. He’s a bit of a raconteur, see, and songwriting is one of his specialties. I knew, with a year to prepare, he’d nail one out of the park.

Not only did he do just that, he did it twice. Both songs were exactly as I expected — clever and amazing. I’m still receiving compliments from friends and extended family on how hilarious he was. Fortunately, I somewhow gained the presence of mind at the time to take out my camera and shoot video of most of the performance.

For all of you who’ve privately wondered what kind of strange upbringing wrought the Sandor of today, I hope that shed some light.

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