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Friday January 12, 2007 // By Sandy

Day 1: Bangkok

Mostly, we’ve been eating.

That’s some pad thai, bought within minutes of exiting the taxi on the way to the hotel. We still had our bags on our backs, and it was one in the morning, yet the road was bustling with people (read: college kid tourists) and stands of cheap, incredibly amazing food.

After twenty hours of flight and some sketchy but ultimately successful time/sleep management, we appear to hit the time zone running. We’ve been up since 7:30, walking the streets of Bangkok in search of gilded temples and more cheap food. A rundown of what we’ve eaten today, and roughly what it cost:

  • Eggs, bacon, papaya, fish curry and pineapple juice (complimentary breakfast)
  • Pork satay: 40 cents
  • Whole coconut, with straw: 60 cents
  • Squid and eggplant curry, with rice: $1.75
  • Pork with basil and rice: 60 cents
  • Several gallons of water: 28 cents/liter
  • Scallion pancake: 14 cents

We’re heading out for dinner now. Stay tuned to flickr for the results.

We’ve also visited many temples (wats), where the level of intricacy in the facades is mind-numbingly detailed. We’ve seen many Buddhas — standing, sitting, reclining. The highlight of today had to have been a half-hour visit to the Thai Massage School at Wat Po, where a couple of able-bodied practitioners negotiated a new world order for our musculatures. For $7. I see more of this in our future.

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