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Friday January 26, 2007 // By Sandy

Day 15: Koh Samui

Since we had spent a week in Curacao immediately after the wedding, doing typical honeymoon stuff — i.e. nothing but relaxing — we made a deliberate decision that this vacation would be more of an adventure. Thailand is a haven for the island paradise-seekers, but we were going to see the rest of the country. Mostly. We set aside the end of the trip for the restful lakehouses, and the last day was dedicated to one thing: the beach.

Koh Samui is one of the most popular islands in the country, but because it’s on the Gulf side, and not the Andaman Sea side, this time of year is its rainy season. We somehow missed this nugget during planning, but we didn’t mind — it meant fewer tourists. We found a nice hotel on a secluded beach and swore to stay there for the roughly 27 hours we had before going home.

The first night — a walk down the neighborhoody street and dinner on the beachside — was delightful. The following morning, our last of the trip, greeted us with sunshine and a beckoning beach outside our window. We spent the morning there, reading and swimming and of course Scrabbling. Then it started to rain.

Not enough to cause misery, but just enough to excuse ourselves from the beach and take a trip to the local supermarket for some plane snacks. Not really a supermarket so much as a Thai version of Wal-Mart. Going to an American Wal-Mart is a certain kind of death for me, yet whenever we visit superstores like this in other countries, it becomes its own little adventure. I can’t help but walk down the aisles gawking at all the strange little differences between the way it works there and at home. Big mounds of spices to take home in bulk. A fresh sushi counter. Heaping buckets of raw meat. I think its my roots in the family grocery business perking up and taking notice.

The airport on Samui is more like a collection of grass huts, yet surprisingly stocked with complimentary chocolate milk and crackers. A quick hop to Bangkok later, we now await our flight home. Has it only been two weeks? My last memory of home seems so distant. It’ll be nice to sleep in our own bed again.

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