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Sunday March 4, 2007 // By Sarah

Interior design update

Right before the wedding, Sandy and I went on a wild redecorating spree, feeling that as soon-to-be-married people, we should have a grown-up looking home. We got rid of some particularly shabby furniture, bought a couch, got a new rug and entertainment center, and hung some new stuff on the walls.

Six months later, the room was still not quite right. Sandy especially spent a lot of time grumbling at the big wall where the TV used to sit.

So, just in time for our big Oscar party, we went to work again. We stretched the two big hand-painted silk pieces we bought in Thailand over square wood frames and put them over the TV. We framed a print Sandy gave me for my birthday. We bought a few wall shelves to hold photos and knick-knacks.

My favorite part of this particular decorating day was that we decided to hang up the amazing quilt that Luke’s mom made for us. It makes me happy every time I look at it, and Sandy no longer stands in front of the big wall muttering to himself.

Now, if only we didn’t kind of hate the couch we bought back in that pre-wedding rush…the room would be pretty perfect.

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