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Saturday March 17, 2007 // By Sandy

S. by S. Weisz

From when I quit my job in May of last year until about December, I was holding off on terrible decision: would I have to skip SXSW this year? It’d be hard to justify the expense as someone who’s just started out on his own. Yet SXSW was an annual tradition for me — an adult summer camp of sorts, where I get to meet up with some great friends who I see very rarely in the time between. I really didn’t want to have to skip it.

I made a deal with myself. If I could get Sarah to convince her job to send her to South-by, I’d go. With Sarah on board, two major expenses would be covered: a) the car, and b) lodging, which would be at the home of Sarah’s good friends Rachel and Alex. That’d leave just the flight and cost of admission (and food, but that almost ends up being a wash with all the free meals one can scavenge up there). So I put the pressure on.

It didn’t take much. Sarah asked, and she received. She does run a website, after all; who is SXSW for if not website managers? Sure, her HTML skills are thin, and she wouldn’t know a ce-web-rity if one sucker-punched her on the street, but compared to the rest of her office, she’s a walking Wozniak. It only made sense to send her to be with all the other geeks.

As expected, the weekend was a blast. During the conference itself, Sarah stuck to her community panels and I stuck to the ones on design and code. We’d pass each other in the halls and exchange a kiss, and I’d feel the thrill of every computer nerd’s fantasy come to life: getting the girl, and finding out she’s got geek credentials too.

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