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Saturday March 24, 2007 // By Sandy

Meet the new host; same as the old host

You may have noticed by now that we’re no longer at A brief explanation —

Two and a half years ago, when we started out, this blog was a bit of an experiment. We had no idea if it’d have staying power. So I wasn’t ready to give its own domain. By the time it became clear that the experiment was turning into a permanent part of our lives, we had gotten used to the URL and didn’t make it a high priority to find something new. Then we got engaged and sought out options for a new domain that would serve as a wedding website first, and then a landing site for this blog and other family matters later. No good solutions arose, so we picked up for the wedding and left the blog where it was.

A few months ago I started thinking about it again. I was starting a new business, and needed to get rebranded for that. The blog needed a new home. After much brainstorming, I had two ideas.

Plan A was certainly the more elegant of the two: Unfortunately for us, the government of Swaziland didn’t see it that way, and refused to answer any of my emails. I was able to find some rules online that says all registrants of .sz domains need to have a residence in Swaziland, so perhaps that’s what held me up. If you or someone you know has any connections in-country and could maybe add me to your land title, I’d be ever so grateful.

That left Plan B, which is what you see at the top of the browser bar now: Spain has a much more liberal policy for their domains, fortunately for us. Luke thinks it’s a little precious, which I suppose it is, but that’s what makes it memorable. Jim points out that we’re lucky our name ends in Z, so we can use the -es suffix. That Z can be punishing to have sometimes, especially on the phone with customer service, so it’s about time it does us some good.

I actually had a grand plan to change the design up entirely with the move, but for stupid technical reasons I couldn’t have it at both domains at once while I developed the new skin, so here we are. New design to come. The question now is: will our kids appreciate having their own cute family domain, or will they find us to be supreme dorks? No need to answer — I have a good guess.

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