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Friday June 8, 2007 // By Sarah

Dial tone

At first I was confused. The postcard from RCN said that they were shutting down our local phone service in just a few weeks, and that they’d warned me about this already. Didn’t sound familiar. My last bill was late, sure, but this didn’t sound like a “pay up or we’ll disconnect you.” In fact, the postcard said, “You must find alternate local phone service RIGHT AWAY.”

RCN broke up with us via postcard. Oh, RCN. After all we’ve been through together.

I called to find out what was going on:

RCN: No, I don’t think the postcard said you had to find new service! You just need to switch to our digital service.
Me: No…it definitely said I had to find new service.
RCN: Hmm…Hold on…Oh, right. Yeah, you’ll have to find new service. Sorry!
Me: Why?
RCN: We’re going all-digital, but…not in your neighborhood. You have until the end of the month, and then we’re shutting your phone down.
Me: Um, how do I find a new provider? What am I supposed to do?
RCN: Yeah, they don’t tell us anything about that. How about the phone book? Have you tried the phone book? You could look up “local phone service.”

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