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Monday June 11, 2007 // By Sarah

Garrrrrrden Update

Here’s a joke my friend the organic farmer’s son told me last year:

What’s a pirate’s favorite vegetable?

I’m with the pirates. Arugula is awesome. We grew it from seed this year, and I am particularly fond of anything we grow from seed. It’s just so…neat. Within a few days after planting the arugula seeds they were sprouting out of the ground, and within a few weeks, it was a bushy mass of green. And now, it’s a clump of stems, because we have eaten it ALL.*

The whole garden is doing well. One of our cilantro plants is still un-bolted, and the other herbs look good. Next to the arugula is a good crop of mixed salad greens, and the tomatoes seem healthy.

We’re hardcore with the vegetable training regime this year. The tomatoes are caged and now, based on recommendation from our neighbor, the squash and zucchini plants are caged, too. She swears you can make them grow UP. We’ll see. The snap peas (also from seed!) got a trellis, too.


*Here’s how to eat all your arugula:

Boil a few beets for 40 minutes, then chill. (You can leave the skin on, and after they cool, it’ll slip right off). Slice and mix with (per pound of beets) 1 T olive oil, 1 t balsamic, 1 T chopped chives (from the garden!), and salt/pepper. Spread toasted french bread with goat cheese, top with beets, and – you thought I forgot – arugula. Many leaves of arugula.

(Beet marinade recipe, sans caraway seeds, from here. We stole the whole goat cheese/arugula variation from Neil and Carrie).

Cook a pound of pasta, drain, but save the hot cooking water. Toss cooked pasta with 1/4 c olive oil, 2/3 c grated parmesan, 1/4 chopped prosciutto, 3/4 t lemon zest, salt/pepper, some cooking water if needed, and – I didn’t forget – 1 lb of arugula. Don’t have a whole pound of arugula? We didn’t. We had 6 ounces, which was totally fine. We also added a few plum tomatoes for fun.

(Recipe from this cookbook).

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